GlobalVapeNews.com is a non-profit e-cigarette news and knowledge platform.

This platform is the result of 13 years of E-cigarette knowledge obtained from “elektrisch roken forum”, “dampersonlineclub”, “Hotcoil Digital Media” including the “Dutch E-cigarette Knowledge Center”. These sites were active on the internet during the years 2007 until 2019.

With a little help…

GlobalVapeNews is assisted by KPW Leenhouts, Dutch scientific publications analyst on vaping and e-cigarettes, writer of the Dutch vapersguide “E-rokersgids voor beginners” (beginners e-smokers guide), later on “Dampgids voor beginners” (beginners vaping guide). He also was the project manager of the Dutch E-cigarette Knowledge Center during the years 2008 until 2013. He also created and published some cartridge modifications (Happyjoymods/primitive liquid tank) for the joytech 510 and eGo systems in the early days of vaping. In the EU several vaping pioneers used his modification to get better vape out of their e-cigarettes. The modification procedure was shared on Dutch, Spanish and German fora. Later on he became active in counterfacting vape nonsense of Dutch and Belgium mainstream media on the internet.

If you become a member of the GlobalVapeNews.com site, you’ll have access to his profile and full biography.

English & Dutch language

English is not our native language but it’s the primary language used on this site. Beside English, we also have some news articles published in Dutch. That’s because of our origin and because of the fact we have Dutch readers who still follow us since years.

Freedom of speech

Globalvapeshop.com runs on a server in Reykjavic, Iceland to preserve our freedom of speech. Our political base is Libertarian. We think many governments have created overregulated nanny states these days, especially on vaping. As for most countries in the world, we think governments have become too paternalistic, ignore true science and are too much influenced by anti vape lobby organizations, Big Tobacco and Big Pharma.

The Climate

But there is another reason to have our server placed in Iceland. Our server in Reykjavik uses co2 neutral geothermal energy which is significant less damaging for the climate of the earth than conventional produced energy.

See “what we do…” in the next section …

We hope that you will have a good time surfing on our website.

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