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GlobalVapeNews.com is a e-cigarette news project without commercial interests. The project consists of four former websites which existed from 2007 until 2019, which are “Kenniscentrum E-roken”, “elektrisch-roken forum”, “Hotcoil digital media” and “Dampersonline club”, who are all originated in The Netherlands. These former websites were focussed on three themes: Information, Social interactions and News about e-cigarettes. At GlobalVapeNews.com we preserved the themes News and Information and added the component Opinion. Literally, we have a 12 years experience regarding to e-cigarettes.

This newssite uses two languages. Primary language is English though it isn’t our native language, so please excuse us for possible language errors. The secondary language is Dutch. GlobalVapeNews.com publishes news for all countries in the world, not especially The Netherlands or Belgium. The Dutch language is just an extra feature of this newssite.

Our newssite runs on a server in Iceland to preserve our freedom of speech and is powered with geothermal electricity which is co2 neutral. Our political base is libertarian.

Our pictures used in our articles are used under free licenses of Pixabay, Pexels and Photopin. occasionally we use screencaptures when this is functional within the article, like tweets or volatile content with evidence. If information has it’s origin from a source other than ours, we wil name the initial source in the article. all used sources will be checked for reliability to prevent fake news publishing.

The Youtube video’s are embedded and subject to the Terms of Services of Youtube part 6c.

Our articles are published under full copyright and have been certified by Digiprove. Before legally using our content, please contact us by e-mail for personalized users license plan.

We hope you will find our newssite informative and usefull.

Yours sincerely,

Team GlobalVapeNews.com

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