Easy registering with Social Media

If you like to become a GlobalVapeNews member, you can do it the easy way by registering with your Facebook, Twitter or Google account. You don’t have to fil in the form here below, just click one of the social media buttons here below where you can access your account.

A small note before entering your data

On this page you can apply for a GVN membership. You can only automatic register on this site with Facebook, Twitter or Google. If you don’t have any of these accounts or if you don’t want to login with these accounts, you can apply manually.

If you fill in the questionaire we will verify your answers, but even then it is possible we will refuse your application. So be frank and check our rules here below.

  • Fill in your Real Name, no fakes
  • Fill in your date of birth, no fakes
  • Fill in your real email address. This must be an address which is still alive after 24 hours and which is not fake
  • Fill in your country of residence, no fake
  • Fill in your twitter or facebook contact name or address, This will be verified
  • Fill in your vaping background, please tell a bit more about yourself.

After submitting your application, we will verify the data. If we are confident enough that your application is sincere, we will supply you with a temporary password by mail, which you can change after login. This procedure will take about 24 hours.