Corona Virus: Many Shenzhen E-cigarette factories still closed.

Afbeelding van Aeter via Pixabay & Afbeelding van Gerd Altmann via Pixabay

Because of the Corona virus outbreak in China, the Chinese government holds the people back from work. This policy is followed to reduce epidemic spreading of the virus. Few people were allowed to go back to work, but most of them are staying at home and wait for government authorization.

No production in the vaping industry in Shenzhen means that shipping vaping devices meant for export are delayed severely. Shenzhen produces about 90% of all vape gear in the world. The vape gear importing countries may suffer some stock shortage until the end of april 2020.

The shortage might be noticed at your local vapeshop when it involves coils, mods, tank/atomizers etc.. It might be a good idea to stock up some critical e-cigarette parts for your customers when you are running a vapebusiness.

resource reference: Vice

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