A new study was published on Tobacco control on the february 2th, 2020 by e-cigarette researchers Farsalinos and Barbouni which shows that smokers during 2015-2017, had 5 fold higher odds of quitting tobacco cigarettes by using electronic cigarettes.

the results for 2012-2015 were measured at 3 fold higher odds. The possible reason that the 2015-2017 number is higher is that e-cigarette equipment is now technological much more refined than in the previous years.

The researchers found a strong association between current daily e-cigarette use and being a former (rather than a current) smoker. Also in the researchpaper there is proof that e-cigarettes do not result in relaps of inhalational habit of for former smokers which quitted before e-cigarettes were available.

Additional, this study shows evidence that smokers who are unable or unwilling to quit smoking using zyban or champix pills, sprays, nicotine patches or nicotine chewinggum or coaching should be encouraged to use e-cigarettes instead of continuing using tobacco cigarettes.

Dr. Farsalinos says “Unfortunately, today’s global environment is so intimidating that smokers are discouraged from using e-cigarettes, while vapers fall back on smoking for fear of their health. This is ironic and completely disagrees with research into the safety / risk profile and effectiveness of e-cigarettes as substitutes for smoking. “

There is a call to the European Union for a close examination of erroneous information on vaping and e-cigarettes.

resource references: E-cigarette Research, Tobacco Control