Eye Surgeon Claims ‘Vaping is Worse Than Smoking Cigarettes’ in Viral TikTok Video

It comes as no surprise to anyone that social media is a twisting rabbit hole of varying content.

A place where users should always keep their wits about them when mindlessly scrolling their feeds.

The uphill battle of debunking misinformation is a tale as old as time, and with no end in sight…it is imperative that we all do our bit to squash any promotion of damaging content for the sake of views.

A video currently circulating the internet takes the cake when it comes to ludicrously questioning the undeniable science-based power e-cigarettes hold as a tobacco harm reduction tool.

Dr Brian Boxer Wachler, an eye surgeon in Beverly Hills, California, took to the highly influential TikTok app to grossly misinform users that vaping is apparently more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.

The video in question, titled ‘Why is vaping worse than smoking cigarettes?’ has attracted an alarming 9.1 million views since its posting on September 14th.

In the video, the doctor states:

“Vape temperatures can be significantly hotter than cigarette smoke, so vape literally could be barbequing your lungs.

“Which could explain why more younger people who vape need lung transplants versus younger people who smoke cigarettes.”

Claims such as these are beyond damaging, and with the video quickly going viral, Wachler’s content is only achieving more harm than good.


EVALI (e-cigarette vaping-associated lung injury) is the condition that can lead ppl to be hospitalized and require lung transplants. more details in latest episode of Dr. Brian’s Heath Show podcast with guest David Weill, MD, former director of heart-lung transplant program at Stanford university medical center #vape #smoking #cigarette #vaping #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, MD

Despite the tiring reality of constantly advocating for public health, viewers who look beyond the clip and find their way into the comment section, are pleasantly welcomed by advocates dismantling these claims.

The top comment – with over 4k likes and more than 250 responses – writes:

“So why is it that I smoked for 15 years but when I switched to vaping, I could run miles without lung irritation and my doctor says my lungs so great?”

Additionally, another user said:

“Please explain to me how a cigarette combusts at 400C per drag is hotter than a 3.7V cart which reaches 200C?”

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