Geekvape Wenax Q Kit Review

I always get excited when it comes to sampling the newest bits of tech, and would say pod devices are kind of my forte.

Over the years, I have gravitated away from sub-ohm vaping (in general) and like many within the industry, have moved on to something a little more discreet and convenient.

The Wenax Q from GeekVape is the perfect example of a pod kit, and the way it performs epitomises the very definition of compact and practical.

Device specifications:

  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 1000mAh
  • Charging: USB C
  • Output Power: 5-25W


Design & Performance

Its user-oriented design provides vapers with a powerful and easy-to-use set up, working best with thinner (50/50 VG/PG) e-liquids, the Wenax Q can also handle high-strength nicotine with absolute ease.

Typical of many pod systems currently on the market right now, the Wenax Q kit has a slender, bar-shaped body, featuring a small HD OLED display screen, indicating wattage, a battery bar and a puff counter.

Before the advent of disposables, I kind of thought that puff counters were somewhat arbitrary, a gimmick of sorts.

However, this has changed for me – and just out of pure curiosity, I like to keep track of my puffs, and compare my vaping pattern over the course of the day/week.

The exterior is sleek and streamlined, and it features a tiny (but sufficient) display screen, on which battery life is easily recognised.

Packing an impressive, integrated 1000mAh battery, this device lasted most of a day of moderate to heavy usage – and that’s even running on an average wattage of approximately 19W.

Speaking of watts, the Wenax Q runs anywhere between 5-25W, and can be adjusted by pressing the ‘fire’ button three times in quick succession.

You’re going to want to adjust this to your preference depending on what resistance coil you choose.

To further customise your experience, the Wenax Q also procures the use of adjustable airflow, ranging from a tight MTL (mouth to lung), up to an RDTL (restricted direct to lung).

Durability is another massive aspect of this kit, and with its surprisingly hefty weight and strong exterior, normal knocks and drops shouldn’t be too much of an issue.


How to fill the Q Pod

The Wenax Q uses cross-compatible Q pods that can also be used in the Sonder Q pod system.

Supplied with the kit, you will find two refillable pods, they have a TRPR compliant 2ml capacity, and I found myself refilling once or twice a day.

Filling a pod is super simple, removing the top part of the pod itself will reveal a little one-way valve, reducing the instance of overfilling/leakages.

The Wenax Q eliminates the need to swap out old coils by enlisting the use of pods with built-in coils, making it handy and convenient, simply discard the pod in its entirety once the coil has burnt out.

Some vapers, however, prefer replaceable coils, so that’s one thing to bear in mind.

Each pod in the kit has a different resistance – one being 0.6ohm and the other 1.2ohm.


Testing both 0.6ohm pod coils and 1.2ohm pod coils

Now, I’m going to have a bit of a closer look at how the two resistances held up, and in order to keep things as fair as possible, I decided to try the same exact e-liquid – but one being 20mg nicotine salts and the other being 10mg nicotine salts.

For the 1.2ohm coil, 20mg salts provided a smooth and flavourful inhale, and for me, the nicotine hit was not too intense.

The 0.6ohm coil and 10mg salts, on the other hand, boasts a warm puff and a powerful throat hit.

I feel like the opportunity to choose between coils is a definite plus, as it caters for a much wider audience, especially for smokers looking to quit.

The coil longevity for both was about average and will last up to roughly a week or so – all depending on a multitude of individual factors.

Over the course of my trialling, I found that I used the 0.6ohm pod most often as I liked the immediate throat hit.

Both pods, however, produced a relatively small amount of vapour, giving an added layer of discreetness.


Overall thoughts on the Wenax Q

I  really liked the way this kit performs, and its user-friendly nature will be recognised especially so from the point of view of a new vaper/ex smoker.

It is easy to operate, allows users to choose any flavour as well as high nicotine strengths to aide smokers in the initial stages of quitting.

In comparison to the majority of other pod systems I have tried so far, the Wenax Q held up remarkably well and deserves a place in any new vaper’s arsenal.


  • Easy to use
  • Built in coils reduce the chances of leakages and condensation build up
  • A very affordable price point
  • Works wonders with high strength nicotine
  • Available in lots of sleek colours


  • None at this time

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