Irish Rap Duo ‘Versatile’ are taking over TikTok with new vape inspired single ‘Blue Razz’

As many TikTok users know, it’s incredibly hard to avoid a video once it’s trending on the ‘For You’ page, even if it’s not quite your cup of tea.

The latest viral offering from the popular app, comes from the likes of chaotic Irish Rap Duo ‘Versatile’, with their recently released single ‘Blue Razz’.

Originally from Ringsend in Dublin, Versatile consist of Casey ‘Casper’ Walsh and Alex Sheehan, who raps under the stage name Eskimo Supreme.

So called after the often referred to fan-favourite vape flavour Blue Razz, the song is quickly making it’s rounds on social media, gaining traction far and wide even amongst the most unsuspecting of listeners.

‘Blue razz, blue razz, lemonade vape in the gob’ are just some of the selected lyrics shouted in heavy Irish accent.

Acting as a true ode to a messy night out on the town, Blue Razz is paired with a quick-cut music video, allowing viewers to feel part of the turbulent events depicted.

The single has already made its way onto the Independent Singles rundown, debuting at number 16 alongside an impressive 336k views on YouTube.


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They’ve even previously made multiple career-defining live appearances with the likes of rap legends Snoop Dogg and Coolio by providing opening sets for them on recent tours.

This huge blow-up isn’t unfamiliar to Versatile, as they have graced the UK charts on multiple occasions, including their 2018 release ‘Ketamine’ that has gained over 10 million Spotify streams.

Catchy beats and a hefty online following have certainly aided in propelling the pair above and beyond and there seems to be no signs of this virality slowing down anytime soon.

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