Kaival Releases Details of GoFire Patents Deal

Kaival Brands Innovations Group provided additional details of its recently acquired extensive patent portfolio from GoFire as it looks to expand its current product offerings to explore near-term and long-term revenue opportunities, according to GlobeNewswire.

In the near term, Kaival Brands expects to seek third-party licensing opportunities in the cannabis, hemp/CBD, nicotine and nutraceutical markets as a means of monetizing its new patents. Longer term, the company believes it can utilize the acquired patents to create innovative and market-disruptive products for its growing base of adult consumers, including patent protected vaporizer devices and related hardware and software applications.

The consideration for the purchased patents consisted primarily of Kaival Brands equity securities, consisting of common stock, newly designated Series B Preferred Stock and a warrant to purchase common stock. Importantly, in certain key aspects, the equity consideration was structured in a forward-looking manner with valuations or exercise prices struck at premiums to the current market price of Kaival Brands’ common stock. The weighted price per share of the common stock issued and the common stock underlying the Series B Preferred Stock was $1.53 per share on the May 30 closing date, accompanied by warrants with exercise prices ranging from $3 and $6.

Included in the acquired technologies are patented systems and methods that are designed to overcome common issues regarding reliability and consistent dispensing over the entire life of a cartridge or reservoir as well as improvements to the vaporizing chamber to ensure complete vaporization with minimum residue.

The acquired patent portfolio includes the following: Bluetooth Child Safety App and Mechanical Cartridge Protection; Controlled Delivery; Flavor Delivery and Experience to Last Puff; Leak Proof Design and Removal of Cutting Agents; Authentication System/Counterfeit Protection; Dry Puff Protection; 510 and Pod Compatibility; Product Remaining Indicators; and MHRA Requirements.

The GoFire patent portfolio includes 12 existing patents and 46 pending applications with novel technologies across extrusion dose control, product preservation, tracking and tracing usage, multiple modalities (i.e., different methods of vaporizing) and child safety. The patents and patent applications cover territories including the United States, Australia, Canada, China, the EPO (European Patent Organization), Israel, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand and South Korea. The portfolio also includes a proprietary mobile device software application that is used in conjunction with certain patents in the portfolio.

The acquired assets are housed in Kaival Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Kaival Brands, which develops new branded and white label products and services in the vaporizer and inhalation technology sectors.

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