Meet Flonq’s Latest: Flonq Ultra and Flonq Max Pro

At the end of April 2024, Flonq presented its newest innovations: Flonq Ultra and Flonq Max Pro. These two innovative devices promise to enhance the vaping experience with their advanced features and modern design.

Ultra and Max Pro feature an LED display indicating the battery and liquid levels, as well as a BOOST mode for increased performance, delivering impressive vapour production and flavour intensity

Despite the considerable 18 ml e-liquid capacity of the devices, providing up to 20.000 puffs, both maintain a compact and ergonomic design.

“Unlike many vaping brands that simply enlarge their devices when increasing e-liquid tank capacity, we prioritize convenience and comfort for users,” states Marlen Nazarov, Flonq’s CEO and Founder. “Our goal is to provide vapers with a combination of performance and style, offering a truly premium vaping experience.”

Emphasizing flavour quality and design uniqueness

Flonq continues to offer refined flavours and memorable designs across its product range. “We craft our devices, featuring minimalistic and sophisticated design”, explains Vladimir Parygin, the company’s Head of Design. “At the same time, we ensure that each device possesses its own personality.”

While both devices feature powerful dual mesh coils, each utilises a different coil type. In Max Pro, the coils are positioned one above the other, in Ultra — both mesh coils form a single cylinder, created by right and left sections. This coil difference impacts the flavour experience — Max Pro offers intense and bold flavours, while Ultra delivers refined ones.

“Another significant aspect that sets us apart from our competitors is the time and effort we dedicate to creating unique designs. We don’t rely on established configurations in the vaping market, and provide compelling storytelling and inspiration behind each device,” says Marlen Nazarov.

New devices are the testimony of this claim. On one hand, Flonq Max Pro is inspired by the urban environment: big city life, cars, and modern architecture. The device boasts a glossy texture across its entire body and is offered in a variety of vibrant colors. Max Pro appeals to those who appreciate unconventional aesthetics.

On the other hand, Flonq Ultra represents a completely new concept to the Flonq product range. It embodies symmetry, classicism, and elegance, and is crafted from soft-touch matte material. The design team drew inspiration from a maritime theme, luxury boats and yachts.

“While often overlooked, we consider every detail in our vapes: from the texture of the materials and portability to the shape of the mouthpieces, ensuring both visual appeal and functionality, of course”, — resume Vladimir Parygin.

With Flonq’s dedication to innovation, the company’s team anticipates more exciting developments in the near future, suggesting staying tuned for upcoming news.

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