Mirage Collaborate with NHS to Supply Three Months Worth of Vaping Products to Smokers Looking to Quit

A new and exciting innovative collaboration between Sheffield based vape store Mirage and the National Health Service has surfaced to help combat smoking rates in the UK.

The synergy between the organisations comes at a pivotal point with smoking cessation continuing to be a hot topic in the media, with talks of a smoke-free society by 2030.

Health implications and financial strain surrounding smoking is undoubtably putting pressure on the health care system, with the current smoking-related fatalities reported to be 76,000 annually…the highest of any preventable death.

Individuals enrolled in local NHS smoking cessation programs will be granted the opportunity to receive a three-month collection of Mirage’s vaping products, without having to worry about any financial obligation.

This initiative strives to help smokers on their journey to a tobacco-free existence by ensuring they have access to safe and effective resources as well as support to allow them to overcome the deadly habit.

Craig Newbold, Director at Mirage, said:

“We take immense pride in partnering with NHS Smoke-free Sheffield to advance their mission of aiding individuals in their journey to quit smoking.”

“Vaping has consistently showcased its potential as a comparatively less detrimental alternative to conventional cigarettes.”

“By presenting a three-month supply of our products, we aspire to assist smokers in their shift toward a healthier lifestyle.”

To qualify for the three-month program, interested individuals within Sheffield should engage with their general practitioner, NHS smoking cessation consultant, or pop into their local Mirage store.

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