Moreish Puff Nic Salts Review


  • VG/PG : 50/50
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg Nicotine Salts


Blue Raspberry Iced

A cornerstone in the vape industry, the blue raspberry flavours have reached audiences worldwide and are distinctly loved by many. 

As someone who has tried well over a thousand different e-liquids over the years, the blue raspberry taste is certainly near the top of my list. 

Retaining that iconic, bold and deeply enjoyable candy-like taste, there was a wickedly nostalgic feel to this flavour. 

The most brazen notes of blue raspberry were wrapped in a wave of intense iciness, creating a sweet taste with a chance to cool down and deliver a refreshing experience. 


Vanilla Custard Tobacco 

When it comes to RY4-esque flavours, I absolutely adore them – whether it’s regular subohm vaping or MTL – you can expect deep satisfaction in every puff. 

Ridiculously smooth and well-rounded, I enjoyed the intricate complexities to this flavour as the vanilla custard was realistic, warm and moderately sweet. 

The tobacco notes were far more subdued but brought a warm earthiness to the sweet vanilla that was combined in a truly well executed fashion. 

Despite many preconceptions indicated by this flavour’s sweet name, I didn’t experience an unpleasant amount of sweetness – making it super easy to enjoy all day long. 


Iced Honeydew Watermelon 

In sheer contrast to the previous e-liquid, this flavour boasts a bright, bold and refreshing set of tastes. 

Honeydew melon kicks off the exotic mixture of flavours, giving off a sweet yet mellow base whilst still retaining that almost smooth feel of the real-life fruit. 

I found that the watermelon flavouring used in this e-liquid carried a subtle candylike vibe to it and produced a satisfying sourness. 

The way that the two flavours work together is enough to impress however, Moreish Puff has decided to up the game when it comes to refreshment by adding a hefty dose of cooling agent. I really enjoyed the intense, revitalising experience of vaping this e-liquid. 


Cookies n Cream 

This is a little more obscure than the usual flavours I review. 

I must admit I had one or two reservations on how well this e-liquid would manage to recreate the rather complex set of flavours. 

My initial hesitation was soon abated and it’s safe to say I was thoroughly dazzled by the flawlessly created dessert flavour. 

The mixture of crumbly, chewy cookie base is swept up with a velvety creaminess I can only describe as a perfect take on one of the most well-known combinations in the world of desserts. 

Having a warm and sweet profile, this e-liquid will definitely appeal to those who appreciate complex and fulfilling flavours. 


Grape and Strawberry

Leaving the best for last, this e-liquid hit the nail on the head in terms of simplicity and effectiveness. 

Reminding me strongly of the famous, fruity drink ‘Vimto’, the rather straightforward collection of sweet flavours works really well together. 

Bold, punchy and powerful, the notes of grape resemble that of bubble gum and the sharp candy taste gives a clear edge on which the slightly softer strawberry element can interact with.

With a complete lack of a cooling agent, I felt that the various fruit elements could flourish on their own, but I would still enjoy this e-liquid with a touch more iciness.


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