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Hi, I'm Bella. I live in the Northeast United States and have a strong interest in health and government. Actually, I have many interests and quite a few obsessions. One being vape and it's vibrant community. I am not a big believer in miracles but after smoking 30+ years, I quit in just 3 days using vape products. I am currently re-assessing. I hope you enjoy my articles and find them informative, entertaining and help you think. Enjoy reading, Enjoy life!!
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This Tuesday will be my one month anniversary in the stay at home social distancing experiment. Governor Cuomo recently extended this order to May 15th so this is fast becoming my new normal.  I have been very lucky to have the option to work from home and so far, myContinue Reading

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In two weeks, I will be celebrating my six-month anniversary smoke free.  In September 2019, I started following a story about a respiratory illness that was affecting the vaping community.  I started my own research and realized that vaping might help me stop smoking. I had been a smoker forContinue Reading

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A recent ex-smoker and current vaper’s thoughts and opinions regarding current US events in the vape community concerning politics, advocacy and social media. Trying to be informative without being judgmental, advocate without being prejudicial. Using what wisdom and expertise I’ve gathered during my half century on this planet so yep,Continue Reading

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On Friday, February 28, 2020, the US House of Representatives passed HR 2339 – Youth Tobacco Reversing the Youth Tobacco Epidemic Act of 2019 passed by 18 votes. HR2339 Act not only would ban flavored products but would impact other tobacco products such as hooka, menthol cigarettes and the diyContinue Reading

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