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The USA anti-vaping lobbyists have shown trying to take advantage of the covid-19 virus to launch a new attack on vaping. Organizations like Parentsagainstvaping.org and TobaccoFreeKids.org still trying to link every single negative occurance to vaping. Armed with the “debunked” visions on vaping from Stanton Glantz and his companions, these organizations have a paranoid addiction in spreading misinformation. Now also the FDA and the mayor of New York, (Bill the Blasio) have adopted this nonsense based on no evidence.

This whole thinking that vaping would intensify the illness effects of covid-19 virus comes from the previous hysteria of EVALI. This was caused by illicit THC refills with Vitamine-E acetate. CDC has confirmed this just a few months ago, but neglected this information for months starting from september 2019. EVALI affected the respiratory function of the lungs. However, while it is common knowledge that this had nothing to do with regular nicotine vaping, the aforementioned organizations and persons still use EVALI to misinform people about vaping and E-cigarettes. Looking at the Covid-19 case the EVALI misinformation is now recycled for further anti-vaping scaremongering purpose.

The truth is that there never was evidence regular vaping caused respiratory disease

The truth is that there never was evidence that regular vaping caused respiratory disease. It also never happened during the almost 15 years vaping exists. It occurred only in parts of the USA. Also in relation to covid-19 there is no evidence regular vaping has any aggravating effects. The childlike unscientific conclusion now drawn by the aforementioned organizations and persons that vaping would aggravate the effects of covid-19 is completely nonsense and only used for their anti-vaping doctrine

Then, there are several scientific papers from Chinese origin (debunked). These scientific papers are used to make a link between smoking and covid-19 showing that smokers are on a higher risk to develop severe illness than non-smokers. As of out of the blue vaping is mentioned together with smoking by several aforementioned organizations and persons while this link was never researched. Dr. farsalinos wrote about these scientific papers in his comment “Smoking, vaping and the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic: rumors vs. evidence

Propylene Glycol may have a minor positive effect.

On the contrary, some experts propose the possibility that because of the Propylene Glycol, used in the liquid for e-cigarettes, have a minor positive effect if it comes to bacteria and virusses. It’s only because this was never researched on Covid-19 virus, there is no evidence for this effect to occur, but there is, when applied to other micro organisms as stated in the scientific paper “THE BACTERICIDAL ACTION OF PROPYLENE GLYCOL VAPOR ON MICROORGANISMS SUSPENDED IN AIR. I“.

TobaccoFreeKids and Parentsagainstvaping lost in their fairytale doctrine.

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Back to organizations like parentsagainstvaping.org and TobaccoFreeKids.org. These organizations will always search for arguments to ban vaping. They think that when e-cigarettes are banned, young adults and children are no longer exposed to threats from the tobacco industry. But… e-cigarettes are not initially the product of Big Tobacco and also, young adults or children are looking for boundaries. They just move on or go back to an alternative, which may be alcohol, smoking cigarettes or worse addictive products like using drugs. There is no evidence they will stick to use these products whole their lives. Informing young adults and children is the key here. It’s mostly temporary experimenting. It’s not particulary the existence of the e-cigarette which is the threat, but the misinformation and “bad parenting”. Blaming vaping is a childish thought of these “adult” organizations. Banning en prohibiting things will almost always initiate curiosity and experimenting.

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More intelligence is to expected from the official government organization FDA, but they also fail in publishing reliable information. Formal the abbreviation of Food and Drugs Administration. In our opinon the formal name would be: Federal Deceivers Agency, because of the fact they spread misinformation which can not be backed up with scientific research. They did that on vaping in the past and many times thereafter, like with EVALI.

Mainstream Media is not to be trusted when it involves vaping news.

Nevertheless, as long Bloomberg Media publishes all the anti-vaping nonsense one can conclude these attacks on “e-cigarettes and vaping” will not stop in short term. Mainstream media often publish scary headline articles for their advertisement revenues. We recommend not to read mainstream media when it comes to reliable vaping news, but read the articles of specialized vaping newssites who can substantiate there articles with scientific sources and experiences from the field. Good informative sites are vaping360.com and vapingpost.com. We ourselves, Globalvapenews.com, are also doing our best to publish reliable vaping news. Check out our and there articles en get informed about the truth.

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