New Zealand is about to push through a far-reaching e-cigarette law.
Afbeelding van Martyn Cook via Pixabay

For thirty years the New Zealand tobacco law was unaltered, but now significant changes are going to be made. Sales and Advertising to 18 minors of e-cigarettes and liquids will be prohibited. though Tobacco, menthol and mint can still be sold by non speciality stores, only specialized vapeshops are allowed to sell other flavours. Vaping in smoke-free area’s will no longer be possible.

For European vapers, these measures are quite familiar, but in New Zealand the Attorney-General David Parker states that prohibiting ads for vaping products and e-cigarettes is “inconsistent” with the right to freedom of expression.

Parker’s report said this law limited freedom of expression because regulated products can’t be advertised, trademarks are restricted and so are company names. Also the requiring standardised packaging will be a limitation of expression.

David Parker stated

While some restrictions on advertising are “likely justifiable”, a “blanket prohibition is not a “proportionate response, given the lack of evidence for [vaping] being harmful”

“On the contrary, vaping is significantly safer than smoking,” he said in the report. 

The Parliament can ignore the report of the Attorney-General and go for the bill which was compiled by health minister Jenny Salesa. The bill is highly influenced by the “USA mysterious lung disease hysteria” where the CDC in the USA months later stated that the cause of this disease was illicit THC with Vitamine E acetate.

The New Zealand Government also wants to protect youth against nicotine addiction due to vaping.

Note: Several scientific papers on this subject were debunked because of the fact that none of these scientific papers researched “chronical” use of e-cigarettes but only “once tried” use by minors and young adults.

New Zealand has a smoke free target in the year 2025 and therefore this bill has a big chance to pass the parliament, especially now misinformation and scientific manipulation seems to be the new “truth” on e-cigarettes.

The bill will get its first reading in March 2020.

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