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It seems that almost everything can be used to scapegoat the e-cigarette. “Smoking or vaping increases people’s vulnerability to severe illness by the Corona virus”, mayor Bill the Blasio said on sunday the 8th of march 2020. It’s not in the peoples interest that anyone who doesn’t know anything about e-cigarettes and public health is proclaiming nonsense.. The relation between Corona virus and smoking and vaping lacks serious evidence.

As dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos states in his comments on this issue, two Chinese tiny studies on this subject can be considered as debunked because of insufficient and to little data. Farsalinos says:

The study found that history of smoking was associated with 14-fold higher odds of disease progression. But there were only 5 smokers included in the study sample, and just 3 had disease progression. The data are too weak to make any recommendation.

But hey!.. that’s about smoking, what about vaping? Well there’s absolutely zero evidence that vaping would be on a risk to get infected with Corona virus faster or having a more severe disease progression than non-smokers or non-vapers. Though there is several evidence that propylene glycol even has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties in aerosol form, there is no research known yet what propylene glycol does with the Corona virus. Therefore and maybe just because of that, no one can say that the Corona virus will affect vapers more or faster than non-vapers without research on this topic.

Former smokers and dual users may be in a higher risk group but not due to e-cigarettes or just vaping.

E-cigarette users were mostly former smokers or are using e-cigarettes together with tobacco cigarettes. It’s not quite impossible that these e-cigarette users developed smoking related diseases prior to vaping. They may be in a higher risk group but not due to e-cigarettes

Dr. Farsalinos says:

There is no evidence on any effects of e-cigarettes on coronavirus infectivity and disease progression, and we cannot exclude the possibility that the use of propylene glycol might have some beneficial effects.

The statements that are now spreading about e-cigarettes and the Corona virus are political motivated. “They are coming from people who are well-known for their dogmatic, biased political stance against tobacco harm reduction and e-cigarettes”, dr. Farsalinos said in his article.

Globalvapenews can only say on this matter.. It’s already debunked and “Keep calm and vape on!”

Resource reference: Smoking, vaping and the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic: rumors vs. evidence