POTV Lobo Vaporizer Review

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  • Stellar vapor from the very first draw
  • Fantastic quality on a tabletop bubbler
  • Complete vaporization, no stirring required
  • The Lobo is built for glass
  • 10 sessions per charge
  • User-replaceable battery = no charge times
  • Sessions heat up in around 40 seconds
  • Generous oven size
  • Herbs and concentrates
  • Plug in anywhere with USB-C charging
  • Comes with a dosing capsule
  • Controls are simple
  • Multiple session timers
  • Sleek, sturdy construction
  • Fits in most pockets
  • Easy to share with friends
  • What’s in the box
  • My only complaint
  • Warranty
  • For best results
  • Easy maintenance
  • Who’s the POTV Lobo for?
  • Who’s the POTV Lobo not for?
  • Conclusion
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Planet of the Vapes’ flagship vaporizer is sleek and stylish, easy to use, and a top performer at only $159. It’s built for anyone that wants top-tier vapor at an affordable price, regardless if you’re new to vaping or a seasoned vet. 

The Lobo produces rich, flavorful, potent vapor through a variety of glass accessories, whether you draw hard or sip it gently. Just fill the oven and attach the glass adapter, turn it on, and take a hit when it’s ready to go. You don’t need any fancy techniques here. Each hit is met with an effective cloud of vapor that leaves a lasting impression.

If price is any indicator of performance and quality, consider the Lobo an anomaly. With top-of-the-line vaporizers reaching upwards of $300 to $400, it’s easy to underestimate something this affordable but I assure you, this is one you’ll want to pay attention to. 

Quick Summary: Rich, effective vapor at an affordable price

The POTV Lobo gives way to a new breed of top of the line vaporizers that deliver worldclass vapor without draining the wallet. It punches hard when you need it and delivers light vapor when you want, all in a portable package. If you get bored easily, the Lobo is compatible with POTV’s signature line of glass accessories to spice your session up when you need it.

Pros & Cons

Pros ? Cons ?
Rich, effective vapor with every hit Glass pieces can make it hard to travel with
Removable battery Can’t vape while charging
Great for both light and heavy users Sessions go south if packed too tightly
Heats up in around 40 seconds
Simple controls
USB-C Charging
Bottom line

The POTV Lobo will surprise you with its potent, effective vapor. It hits hard but can deliver small and gentle sessions when you need it. With great features and accessories for only $159.95, it’s a no-brainer.

Stellar vapor from the very first draw

The Lobo is a versatile, handheld powerhouse. Hefty draws were met with large clouds of vapor while gentle sips were soft and soothing. The unique aromas of the herbs were proudly presented as well. Those subtle qualities often go missing with a lot of vapes, but each hit through the Lobo was filled with their delicate flavors.

Low temperature sessions, around 350°F / 176°C, pleased me with a full hit of vapor from the very first pull. With many vapes on the market, a low temp session will start off a little slow and need a bit of extra time to get going, but the Lobo was ready to go as soon as it vibrated. 

Each session was strong, flavorful, and consistent. Every hit produced vapor as dense and potent as the last, until the herbs were completely toasted. 

To finish off one of my sessions, I bumped the temperature up to 410°F / 210°C and was a little surprised by how dense the vapor was. Even though the herbs had gone through a few pulls at a much lower temperature, the vapor was still strong and cloudy at the hotter level. 

The Dimpled Glass Stem did a great job at cooling the vapor, even at this higher temperature, but got just a tad bit harsh on the throat with the longer pulls. For those bigger hits, the Water Pipe Adapter and my bubbler were the true stars.

Fantastic quality on a tabletop bubbler

The Planet of the Vapes Lobo dry herb vaporizer feels like it was built for tabletop bubblers. The potency and richness that the Lobo can reach can be too much for my mere mortal lungs to take head on at times, but it creates a beautiful duo when paired with a bubbler setup.

Hits are more comfortable and the potential for massive clouds is huge. The airflow is a tad on the tighter side, but it’s enough for long, hefty draws, or quick hitters if that’s your style. 

What impresses me most about the Lobo is how instantly the vapor appears when you take your first hit. I raised the temperature up to its max of 430°F / 221°C and the very first pull filled the bubbler with milky vapor instantly, and it was plenty strong.

I love bubblers so it’s easy for me to recommend them. This is a surefire way to enjoy the Lobo, whether you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping, want the thickest hits with a gentler touch, or consider yourself a cloud enthusiast. I can’t recommend it enough!

Efficient vaporization with dynamic heating

With a dynamic conduction and convection heater, the Lobo efficiently extracts the flavorful goodies from your herbs and delivers it in a dense cloud of vapor. Convection heat releases the terpenes – it doesn’t destroy them. Each hit is full bodied and rich in flavor from the start. Conduction heat builds soon after and allows for a deeper extraction of the more stubborn compounds to ensure the end result is a flavorful, yet thick cloud of vapor.

No stirring required

Herbal vaporization was complete and thorough with the Lobo – no stirring required. Many vapes on the market require some sort of shake or stir in between hits to pull every last compound out of your herbs, but that was never required with this vape. 

Vapor was produced until the load was completely done at 430°F / 221°C. After the session, the herbs were a deep, even brown across the board. There were no small bits that needed extra time in the oven.

The Lobo is built for glass

Speaking of glass, the Planet of the Vapes Lobo is built for POTV’s ecosystem of glass accessories and each piece comes with its own unique experience.

Curved mini bubblercomfy filtration on the go

This Curved Mini Bubbler is a great choice for comfortable filtration on the go. Its curved mouthpiece shape reaches for your lips so you don’t have to tilt the vape or bend your neck awkwardly to take a hit. 

Vapor through this bubbler is smooth and gentle, but very effective. Any harshness I had with the dry stems disappeared so the only thing left were thick, comfortable clouds.

Water pipe adaptera must-have for glass bubbler lovers

My favorite accessory in the collection: the water pipe adapter. As a glass-lover, this is an obvious choice with cool, massive hits, but I also believe this to be the best way to maximize and enjoy your Lobo.

Complete vaporization is effortless and the results are rich with herbal flavors. I highly recommend this if you have a tabletop bubbler.

Mini bubbler – travel-friendly filtration with a bigger mouthpiece 

The Mini Bubbler comes with a larger mouthpiece that feels more like your traditional bubbler hit. It’s better for bigger hits if you like the feel of a standard bubbler mouthpiece. 

Similar to the curved bubbler, this stem cools the vapor well and creates a comfortable session that’s ripe with effective vapor.

Dimpled glass stem (included) – discreetly cools wherever you go

The Dimpled Glass Stem is the best for discreet sessions at-home or on-the-go. It’s short and low-profile but comes with a series of internal glass dimples that cool the vapor as it travels to your lips.

This is the stem to reach for if you want a bit of cooling when you’re vaping out and about. It does a pretty good job at cooling the vapor but you’ll still feel all the oomph and power with each hit.

Globe Glass Stem – dimpled stem that cools even more

Similar to the Dimpled Glass Stem, the Globe Stem also comes with glass dimples inside but with a bulbous globe that adds an extra step to the cooling process.

This one’s great if you want to further cool your vapor but don’t want one of the mini bubblers.

Bent Glass Mouthpiece – comfortably cool without too much attention

The Bent Glass Stem is great if you want a mouthpiece that’s a bit more comfortable but also discreet. It doesn’t cool quite as well as the dimpled stem, but its slight bend cools enough and it’s pretty comfortable.

Quality materials make a difference

Planet of the Vapes was very mindful of the materials they put inside the Lobo and their choices make a noticeable difference.

As you inhale, the air travels through a silicone-free, isolated airpath and passes through a stainless steel heater, both of which ensure no unwanted tastes or aromas are added. Its full titanium bowl distributes the heat evenly for an efficient cook, and cools down quickly to minimize waste.

Before the vapor reaches your lips, it travels through a glass mouthpiece that cools it down and maintains its unique herbal qualities. As an added precaution, high-temperature plastic (PEEK) keeps the Glass Adapter cool and lightweight, and doesn’t tarnish the taste of your vapor.

10 sessions per charge

The POTV Lobo showcases strong battery performance with up to 10 sessions per charge. I put the Lobo through four-minute long sessions at 390°F / 198°C and got 10 total sessions, and even 11 during one of our tests. A solid showing for the portable dry herb vape scene.

User-replaceable battery = no charge times

Planet of the Vapes took the community’s feedback to heart and added in a user-replaceable battery to the Lobo. I’d swap in a new battery before it had the chance to tell me it was dead and my low battery became a distant thought. It’s a fan-favorite feature that really makes the Lobo standout. 

With built-in batteries, your vape becomes obsolete when its battery dies for good. That’ll never be the case with the Lobo.

Sessions heat up in around 40 seconds

The Lobo isn’t lightning fast but it’s not slow by any means. It reached 390°F / 198°C from cold in 40 seconds on a full battery, and just over 50 seconds right before the battery died. Heat up times are even faster though when the oven is already warm.

Generous oven size

The Lobo’s oven is a great size for a variety of users. At 13mm in diamter, the Lobo’s oven is 40% bigger than the ONE. It’s big enough to satisfy those with large appetites, but can also produce satisfying sessions with small doses. It’s perfect for both. 

On the upper end, the Lobo can hold up to 0.2g of ground herbs without a pack. This is the maximum I recommend for the best results. Our sweet spot was around 0.18g with a minimal pack.

The Lobo can microdose as well with tiny loads the size of a few crumbs. I tore off a small chunk, about the size of a grain of rice, and got a few small hits out of it. Vapor wasn’t thick or cloudy but it was the perfect amount for a light microdose.

Herbs and concentrates

The POTV Lobo works beautifully with dry herbs but also does a pretty solid job with concentrates. It takes a slower, more relaxed approach that’s very similar to low temp concentrate sessions. It’s full of flavor and not too harsh. 

The best way to vape concentrates through the Lobo is with the dosing capsule and what we call the “sandwich” method. Place a small bed of herbs into the dosing capsule and then place your concentrates on top. Place another bed of herbs on top to sandwich it together and it’s good to go.

This is a more potent session that presents a unique combination of flavors that I really enjoy. Plus, it’s much easier to clean!

You don’t have to use herbs if you don’t want to, though. Just place the pad inside the dosing capsule, load a small amount of concentrates on top, and then fire it up!

A few tips for concentrates

  • Use the dosing capsule with either the concentrate pad or “sandwich” method when vaporizing concentrates to prevent any damage to your vaporizer. 
  • Only use a small amount when using the concentrate pad or “sandwich” method inside the dosing capsule.
  • Vape it at the highest temperature and keep the Lobo upright to keep the load steady.
  • Be careful when vaping concentrates through a bubbler that inverts your vape. You don’t want it to drip into the mouthpiece.


Use the included dosing capsule and only a very small amount when vaporizing concentrates. Concentrates can spill and run down into the heater and damage your vape if you’re not careful.

Plug in anywhere with USB-C charging

USB-C is the latest wave of charging methods and the Lobo is hip and current. It’s faster and more durable than the now outdated micro-USB, and the cable is reversible!

The included cable is USB-C to USB-C so make sure you have a compatible adapter to plug it into a wall outlet.

Comes with a dosing capsule

The Lobo also comes with a handy dosing capsule for precise loads or prefilled sessions anywhere, which is very much appreciated. If I’m packing for a quick trip somewhere, I’ll prepack the oven and the dosing capsule for two uninterrupted sessions when I’m ready. I’ll just dump the herbs out, brush out the oven, and plop the dosing capsule in for another session. It’s great for back to back sessions and it helps keep the oven nice and clean.

If you want to chain hit multiple sessions quickly, pick up a handful of dosing capsules for the Lobo!

Controls are simple

The Lobo’s controls are very easy to understand with only three different buttons to press. Triple-click the larger button to turn it on and off and then use the two smaller ones to choose the exact temperature from 320°F / 160°C to 430°F / 221°C. 

Everything is displayed conveniently on a bright display screen that shows your current and set temperature, time left in the session, and current battery level. 

The Lobo also has some deeper customizations that allow you to swap from Fahrenheit to Celcius, change the session timer, and even flip the screen orientation. You can also dim the screen light when you want to be a little more discreet.

To enter the settings menu, click and hold the Power button and the temperature Up button until the settings show, and adjust each one to your..

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