POTV XMAX Starry V4 Tips and Tricks

The POTV XMAX Starry V4 dry herb vaporizer has a lot to offer once you get the hang of it. In this tips and tricks guide, we’ll show you how to maximize your sessions with the most vapor, how to microdose, and more.

Taking your sessions to the next level only requires a little know-how. After you’re through here, you’ll be ready to do just that with your Starry V4 vaporizer.

Quick summary: our top tips

  1. Pack it down tight and take your time for the best results
  2. Pick up the water pipe adapter
  3. Use the airflow slider
  4. Don’t fight the restrictive airflow
  5. Chain sessions together with the dosing capsule
  6. Works with microdoses too
  7. Pick up a spare battery

Pack it down tight and take your time for the best results

The Starry V4 vaporizer does well with pretty small loads but I suggest a full, tight pack if you want to maximize your vapor production. Grind up a fair amount of dry herbs and fill the oven to the top til it’s overflowing. Pack it down gently inside and then fill up the remaining space with more herbs. Repeat this until it’s full to the top.

The longer your herbs sit and soak in the heat, the better. Your first few hits will be light and wispy but it’ll really take off around a minute into your session. Take your time in between hits and let your sessions run for a few minutes each for the best results.

Pick up the water pipe adapter

If you’ve got a bubbler handy, I can’t recommend this one enough. The Starry Water Pipe Adapter connects directly to the mouthpiece and then, through a whip, connects to a 14mm female adapter.The mouthpiece and vapor can get a little hot and uncomfortable, especially at higher temperatures, and the bubblers are the perfect solution. Hits are cool, yet potent and the bubbler allows you to truly take a long, massive draw with minimal discomfort.

For great results, I suggest a pretty full and tight pack, a higher temperature (I enjoy 410°F / 210°C and above) and a wide open airflow slider. You can extend the length of your pull a bit when it’s on a bubbler for big, comfortable hits. The longer it sits in the oven the better so take your time with it.

Use the airflow slider

It seems pretty obvious to use the features that are given, but it’s not totally obvious why you’d want to move the slider around. The Starry V4’s airflow is pretty restrictive as is, but you can adjust it a bit to change it up.

If you want to take longer draws, open it all the way for a less restrictive hit. It’s a little less demanding on the lungs when you find its sweet spot and is best for those longer hits.If you want a more comfortable, slow-sip type of hit, try closing it down all the way. I prefer this style when I don’t want to overdo it. Its tight draw is very reminiscent of a roll-your-own and it’s easy to dial in more precise doses.

Don’t fight the restrictive airflow

This dry herb vaporizer has a sweet spot. Try not to fight it. Pull hard enough to maximize the draw but don’t fight harder than it wants to go. That sweet spot is where you’ll get the best results and the most comfortable hit.

The POTV XMAX Starry V4’s tight airflow is designed that way for a reason. Its conduction-style oven needs time to soak through your entire load and a draw that’s too strong will overwhelm it.

Chain sessions together with the dosing capsule

Prepack the dosing capsule everytime you prep for a session and you’ll have an extra load ready to go at a moment’s notice. Fill up the oven with one session and then have the dosing capsule ready for the second.

With two sessions at the ready, you can chain hit multiple sessions for those super strong effects or keep the party rolling as you pass around a group of friends. Just empty the oven, toss the capsule in, and you’re ready to go.


Works with microdoses too

The Starry V4 does surprisingly well with small doses. I packed in just enough to cover the bottom of the oven (.03g to be exact) and was provided light hits that were surpsingly effective.

To do this, just pack enough ground herbs to cover the bottom of the oven and then tamp it down a bit so it’s pressed together. Turn your vape on and once it hits temperature, give it a few test draws to soak it all up before you fully dive in.

Remember, this is a microdose so the vapor production is nothing mind blowing. Each hit is front-loaded with a decent amount of vapor but it quickly thins out. Do more short hits than long draws to maximize it.

Pick up a spare battery

This one is a no-brainer in my opinion. For an extra $10, pick up a spare battery and never delay your sessions with long charge times. A battery swap is quick and easy and it beats carrying around a charging cable and adapter when my travel space is limited.

Pick up the Battery for POTV XMAX V3 Pro for an exact replacement, or explore some of our other 18650 batteries.

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