Scientists call for evident based and rational debate on e-cigarettes

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Thirtythree scientists are calling for an evident based and rational debate on electronic cigarettes. They think this is most neccesary because of the loads of misinformation and junk scientific papers which are floating around in scientific libraries and the internet on this issue.

As a logical move these sincere scientistst published their call in the often anti e-cigarette scientific magazine “Lancet”. The Lancet is known for publishing scientific papers from “scientists” on e-cigarettes which are almost always get debunkend. So, It’s not very strange that “junk science scientists” will notice this call for debate.

Three types of “false information” which you can find around on internet involving vaping and e-cigarettes

Misinformation, misinterpretation or just bad science (junk science) are the main reasons why e-cigarettes are still not accepted as effective harm reduction and cessation devices in the world.

Misinformation is the result of spreading so called facts coming out of unreliable sources or pseudo facts which are just made up by someone who has interest in spreading lies and gossips. This misinformation needs to be avoided at all costs because the so called facts are false or fake. We see this happen in articles in newspapers or so called scientific magazines.

Misinterpretation comes from scientific journalists who are not well versed in e-cigarettes and vaping. Misinterpretation is not spreading misinformation on purpose but only because of ignorance. The effect remains the same of misinformation.

Bad science or Junk science is severely more dangerous. Science is used by politicians to produce any kind of anti tobacco and/or anti vaping bills. When bad science is involved making these bills many people will suffer the consequences of this junk science. For example the in januari 2020 retracted scientific paper of prof. Stanton Glantz which frauded data, the research outcome and conclusions on e-cigarettes. But this type of junk science on e-cigarettes influence politicians and policy makers.

Thirtythree scientists which are done with these three types of manipulative spreading of misinformation and junk science have written an statement and request for a serious debate on e-cigarettes based on real facts. They want freedom of choice for every smoker and vaper to use the cessation tool which works for them and not to be blocked by government bans.

You can find their correspondence over here

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