On March 2020 Public Health England published their sixth report on E-cigarettes and vaping. The first report in 2015 stated that “Vaping is at least 95% less harmfull than smoking cigarettes”. Public Health England again in 2020 extends this firm conclusion dispite all the misinformation mostly generated by anti-vaping lobbyContinue Reading

The USA anti-vaping lobbyists have shown trying to take advantage of the covid-19 virus to launch a new attack on vaping. Organizations like Parentsagainstvaping.org and TobaccoFreeKids.org still trying to link every single negative occurance to vaping. Armed with the “debunked” visions on vaping from Stanton Glantz and his companions, theseContinue Reading

The largest general practitioners organization of Australia has carefully examined the healthrisks and effectiviness of vaping, according to the latest research results, as a smoking cessation option. They now conclude that vaping is a legitimate aid in reducing smoking tobacco cigarettes. In their new guidlines they, and other professionals, adviseContinue Reading