TikTok account ‘Healing Hub’ says sniffing your favourite sweets delivers the same feeling as vaping

In any vaping journey, there’s the inevitable ending where ex-smokers begin to gradually wean off their vape, after making the all-important switch from cigarettes.

After all, the product was designed to support you in quitting by using a safer alternative and not a tool you’ll need forever.

There are lots of possibilities when wanting to say goodbye to your trusty vape for good, one being starting to use a 0-nicotine device, which many long-time vapers have started to do.


Those looking for a more holistic approach to calling it quits with their vape…look no further.

TikTok’s very own micro influencer, Nicki J.

Owen under the pseudonym ‘The Healing Hub’ has all the natural tricks up her sleeve to help you with your nicotine habits.

The page’s bio proclaims its ‘Empowering you to heal, learn and grow’ which is unnerving considering the things the creator is schooling their young viewers on.


In one video, the healing guru sits in her bohemian robe with disposable in hand and teaches her audience that vaping nicotine artificially stimulates a ‘dopamine high’, making it difficult to quit.

The creator said: “Often people think it’s the vaping and the nicotine that’s created the sensation, it’s not… it’s the dopamine.

And you can create the same effect without a vape. ”

“If you like the sweetness and the flavours, just smell your favourite bag of sweets.

And then use open mouth breaths to give you that dopamine rush.

It really does work!”


This suggestion laughs in the face of millions of people who have made the switch from deadly cigarettes to better their health, with an estimated 4. 3 million people vaping in Britain alone.

For plenty of ex-smokers, the device is successful because of the hand-to-mouth ritual that feels like smoking and gives them the familiar sensations of an inhale with a similar throat hit.

But are you struggling to quit vaping all together? Then the ‘Healing Hub’ has the most reliable way for you! Or maybe not… The creator said: “Take a strawberry, breathe it in…then take 3 deep breaths with the strawberry near to your nose. It feels tantalizingly gorgeous. ”

She tells TikTok this whilst taking dramatic inhales of the fresh fruit with her mouth wide open and the look of excitement across her face.


The page continues to misinform its impressionable viewers with its video titled ‘Is your body okay with you vaping?’.

Well, considering there are no deaths directly caused by vaping and it is unlikely to be more than 5 percent of the risk of smoking…we seem to think it is.

The micro influencer said: “Your body has an innate intelligence.

It knows exactly what’s good for you and it knows what’s not good for you”.

They go on to demonstrate ‘the simple sway test’ with feet apart and eyes closed taking a vape and holding it firmly against her stomach, resulting in her theatrically stumbling backwards.

She said: “Straight away my tendency is to fall back, it’s quite shocking when you feel your body’s response. ”

The creator claims that her body instinctively ‘knows’ the vape is bad for her and retracts from it.


Many health bodies would beg to differ, including the NHS with its website recommending vaping for those that smoke.

It reads ‘switching to vaping significantly reduces your exposure to toxins that can cause cancer, lung disease, and diseases of the heart and circulation like heart attacks and strokes.’

While nicotine is an addictive substance also found in vapes, most of the harm from smoking comes from the thousands of other chemicals released when burning tobacco.

Millions of people who have gravitated towards the cessation tool have saved their own lives and so their bodies, after years of mistreatment, especially their lungs, thank them for it.

The ‘Healing Hub’ doesn’t stop at vaping, the page is full to the brim of other holistic advice including dealing with difficult emotions, tarot card readings and managing relationships.


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