Turkey bans import e-cigarettes
Afbeelding van PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Yet it is still amazing that governments ban vaping in their country. It’s been proven many times that vaping is much less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. How comes that politicians seems to have such a low IQ or a severe lack of knowledge about this matter? Anyway.. Turkey is next to ban e-cigarette imports. The Turkish vapers will be pushed back by the government to “enjoy” the deadly tobacco cigarette…

They don’t care for Public Health of the Turkish people, this policy is pushed by the junk scientific papers from Stanton Glantz, misinformation from the World Health Organisation and governmental tobacco interests. It’s a sort of global mantra which governments are singing that the e-cigarette is more dangerous than tobacco cigarettes. And yes, always using the young and children as argument to justify their policy. This argument has been debunked several times, but they don’t care..

The Turkish import ban also includes different products used in e-cigarettes, including spare parts and smoking liquids, as well as electronic hookahs.  Also puchasing and distributing is prohibited, but.. you can stil use it.. that’s not illigal. We’ve seen these strange policies in other countries too. It’s a weird kind of logic..

The Daily Sabah says in their article this:

Turkey’s decision to ban imports of e-cigarettes is the latest step in a massive government campaign that started in 2009 to reduce the number of smokers in the country, once the subject of a notorious expression “smoking like a Turk.”

No logic in banning e-cigarettes but stil allowing sales of tobacco cigarettes.

There is no logic in thinking that when you remove the less harmless e-cigarettes from the market and let the harmful tobacco cigarettes free for sale, that the number of smokers will decrease. Also it don’t benefit Public Health. It’s just jumping back 15 years in history when there were no good functioning alternatives to quit smoking. Like elsewhere where they run this policy the number of tobacco smokers diseases in Turkey will increase in the short future. At this moment an estimate is that more than 83.000 smokers will die every year caused by smoking tobacco cigarettes. They should ban tobacco cigarettes not e-cigarettes. e-cigarettes caused none of the smokers related deaths.. Quite weird, isn’t it.. ?

This import ban triggers more smuggling across the Turkish borders of e-cigarettes and stimulates the illicit market. The Daily Sabah says:

Turkish Minister of Commerce Ruhsar Pekcan tweeted on Tuesday that they would continue their fight against tobacco products and e-cigarettes that are hazardous to public health. She also mentioned Turkey’s fight against smuggled cigarettes and e-cigarettes and noted that 17.6 million packs of smuggled cigarettes and 140,000 e-cigarettes were seized last year.

Governments never learned their lessons from history (1920-1933 alcohol ban usa)

This number also will increase in the short future.. Bans mostly fails to get the desired result. We refer to the American nationwide alcohol ban last century during from 1920 until 1933. It failed dramatic because of illigal import, illicit distilling companies and costed more than 10.000 lives in those days because of harmful products..

Governments need to learn this lesson fast and at once, because banning only leads to illigal markets en casualties. regulate the product is the best policy, not banning… History shows us..

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