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This Tuesday will be my one month anniversary in the stay at home social distancing experiment.

Governor Cuomo recently extended this order to May 15th so this is fast becoming my new normal.  I have been very lucky to have the option to work from home and so far, my family and friends are healthy.  I have had two close friends come down with Covid19 but both have recovered.  One of my goals while staying at home is to write more vape articles.  But as always, wanting and doing are two different things.  I find myself distracted and unfocused. There is always unintended consequences to any action.   

The New York State Vape Ban

New York state passed it’s budget at the beginning of April which included a strict vape ban.  There has been a large outcry from the vaping community as there was no debate and the budget was passed in the middle of the night while many representatives were at home under the same “stay at home” orders that I am under. I still want to personally thank the tireless lobbying efforts by New York State Vapor Association and the small business vape community.  Without their hard work, folks like myself would never have gotten the opportunity to quit smoking.  It was their efforts and the media attention it drew, that I even knew there was a new successful way to quit smoking!!  I am now over six months free of smoking cigarettes and intend to stay that way.

I am very lucky to have the support of my friends and family as well as the vape community.  New York’s vape ban came as no surprise to me given that I am a life-long New Yorker who lives upstate.  One of the reasons I jumped so quickly into the vape debate was that I knew sooner or later, Cuomo would get some type of vape ban passed.  I have stocked up and have my back plans in place.  I have no intention of giving up vaping to go back to smoking.  I feel healthier and happier.

But unfortunately, the major unintended consequence of this vape ban will be to put thousands of small businesses across the state permanently out of business.  These businesses support many employees who will soon be unemployed.  What makes this even more ironic is that many other small businesses in New York State are suffering the same fate due to COVID19.  Small business will have a tough challenge to overcome and once again prosper in New York State. And New York will continue to experience it’s accelerated youth drain as the young adults now unemployed look for job opportunities elsewhere. 

There is a segment of New York society that will benefit.  The black market now has a new product to sell.  New York state already has the largest black market in the US.  It is bewildering to me that by allowing vaping to become an illegal activity, those who are anti-vape because of its popularity with underage youth are willing to allow that very same youth increased exposure to criminality.  As a parent, vape ban would make me more not less worried about my child’s health and wellbeing.  New Yorkers pride themselves on having common sense but again, unintended consequences happen when severe bans are enacted.  

What happens next?

The question remains is Will New York vape ban have unintended consequences for the rest of the county?  The anti-vape community is working hard to conflate vaping with increased risk for Covid19.  Our voices are now needed now more than ever. The science remains to be seen but the first look studies are not showing a correlation even as the CDC actively asks the question of Covid19 patients “do you vape?”. I am as anxious as anyone to get some definitive data. It is my opinion, the stay at home orders will end whatever “youth vaping epidemic” in the United States there might be.  Again, full time parenting and home schooling creates another unintended consequence not foreseen by the anti-vape moralists. 

For more information regarding the New York Vape Ban, Dash Vapes has put together another informative youtube video. If you would like to express your support for New York vapers and the small businesses which keep them smoke-free, click the CAASA link in the description box. ~~~Thank you~~~

Be safe and Stay Well