Vapexpo Spain Welcomes the Public and Vape Professionals to the Fifth Annual Expo in Madrid

Vapexpo is the reference, the perfect place for promoting products and materials and for gathering with different manufacturers from the whole world.

We have been working hard for more than 7 years for all Spanish professionals and amateurs. Vapexpo Spain will be celebrated for the fifth time in our country in 2024. After the wonderful event held in Barcelona in October 2017 and the great success in Madrid in June 2018 & 2019, 2022 & 2023 where we had more than 150 exhibitors and almost 5,000 professional visitors during the weekend, with this exhibition we proclaimed ourselves as the best Vaping Event held until now in Spain.

National and international E-liquid and equipment manufacturers, modders, wholesalers, shops managers, health professionals, and reviewers… met at VAPEXPO Madrid!

You’ll be able to meet us in Madrid on the 1st and 2nd of June 2024. The expo will give an opportunity for all the professionals and customers to get to know the manufacturers, to share, and to be aware of the latest news.

The creation of a real link between all manufacturers of both, devices and E-liquids and the costumers. Vapexpo exhibitions were born to bring together our whole community around the same passion: The Vape.

We are determined to make Vapexpo a special meeting place for manufacturers, professionals and customers of the whole world.

Our exhibitions are organized around exchanges and mutual business support, like this, we wish to contribute to the economic growth of a new and growing market by highlighting new consumption habits thanks to the help of vape associations and the support of opinion leaders.

Loyal to the same formula since the beginning, Vapexpo welcomes the public and professionals at a great annual event held in Madrid.

Each edition we welcome large public visitors as well as professional visitors, this is something our exhibitors really appreciate, since they see in this system a double opportunity: first, to get to know their customers and also the professionals, creating with this an enriching link between the manufacturer and the client.

There is nothing else to say… Welcome to Vapexpo Madrid 2024!!

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