Afbeelding van Tawny van Breda via Pixabay

BJOG, An international journal of obstetics and gynaecology published a science paper with the titel “Electronic cigarettes and obstetric outcomes: a prospective observational study”. The conclusion from this science paper is that vaping during pregnancy has no negative effect on the baby birth weight.

Women who smoke tobacco cigarettes have great difficulties to quit smoking during the pregnancy. This science paper shows us that these women can exchange their tobacco cigarettes for an electronic cigarette as an alternative for smoking and gain significant effects for themselves and their unborn babies.

Women who were smoking during their pregnancy , but also women who are dual users (tobacco cigarettes and electronic cigarettes combined), have given birth to babies with a lower birth weight.

There has to be done more research on the effect of electronic cigarettes nicotinelevels on yet unborn baby’s. NRT’s use during pregnancy have not shown any additional risks to offspring, but electronic cigarettes deliver higher nicotine levels. The effect of higher nicotine levels on offspring is not clear yet. It’s known that smoking during pregnancy can cause damage to the unborn child.

The conclusion is that women can use electronic cigarettes with liquid without nicotine during their pregnancy as a smoking cessation alternative without having to fear that their baby’s will have any loss in baby born weight.!

resource reference: Electronic cigarettes and obstetric outcomes:a prospective observational study