Venty Vaporizer Review – a New Gold Standard!

Storz & Bickel’s Venty dry herb vaporizer is poised to become the next consensus must-have portable vape, succeeding the Mighty+. If you prize excellence and consistency in your portable vape, and aren’t scared off by the $449 price tag, the Venty is for you.

Waiting on your vape is gone with the Venty’s 20-second heat up time. Hits are so easy it almost feels like breathing, thanks to the adjustable airflow. And the battery lasts for days on a single charge. It’s taller than any other portable vape I have, but its narrow footprint makes up for it.

While I firmly believe there is no “best vape” for everyone, the Venty comes really close. If it were a little smaller and a lot less expensive, I’d recommend it for all.

The Venty vaporizer is tall and narrow.Quick Summary: Pricey, but more than worth it!

If you can stretch for the $449 Venty vaporizer, go for it and don’t look back. The heat up time and easy draws set new bars for the industry in what I think will be the next best-selling, fan-favorite vape for Storz & Bickel.

Pros & Cons

Pros ? Cons ?
Always top-shelf vapor / Storz & Bickel quality Price. It’s expensive!
Effortless hits with adjustable airflow No removable batteries
Good battery life AND fast-charge USB-C No concentrate or water-pipe solution
Easy to use Size. It’s big!
Bottom line

The Venty vaporizer will replace the Mighty as the next “best overall” portable vaporizer. It’s expensive, but worth every penny.

Top-shelf vapor quality

Whether you sip it or rip it, the Venty pours out delicious, potent vapor that sets the bar for future portable dry herb vaporizers. The tasty vapor clouds are consistent with any other Storz & Bickel (S&B) vaporizer – fluffy, flavorful and strong. If you already own a Crafty+ or Mighty+ dry herb vaporizer, you don’t need a Venty for better vapor – it’s very similar. However, I would get a Venty vaporizer just for the highest airflow. It truly changes the game, but more on that later.

My favorite session style with the Venty is to open the adjustable airflow all the way and gently sip on it at my own pace as I climb the temperature scale. But I also got good results from long, heavy rips. And that’s what’s special about the Venty – it has enough power, airflow, and tech to give everyone what they want without sacrificing vapor quality or learning special techniques.

Ready in 20 seconds

The Storz & Bickel Venty vaporizer gets its name from several features, one of which is the heat up time. It heats up in just 20 seconds (“venty” means 20 in Italian), which makes it the fastest S&B device, by far. Heat up times vary depending on the ambient temperature, battery level, and the temperature selected. Just like older S&B vapes, the Venty’s vapor is thick and rich from the very first draw. No wimpy first hits!

With a full charge, the Venty reached 356 °F (180 °C) in 18 seconds, and 410 °F (210 °C) in 21 seconds. On my test bench, the Venty hit 390 °F (199 °C) in anywhere between 19 to 33 seconds, with an average of 23 seconds, and got slower as the battery got weaker. At the end of the day, the Venty heats up very quickly – fast enough for just about anyone.

Easy draws with wide open, adjustable airflow

As much as I appreciate the fast heat up time, I think the Venty’s wide-open adjustable airflow is an even greater standout feature. I didn’t know how much I needed this until I hit the Venty. Rich, thick vapor is now effortless, and no other portable herb vaporizer even comes close. Once you simply breathe vapor from the Venty, it’s hard to go back to sucking vapor from some other portable vaporizer.

The airflow rate is 20 liters per minute (lpm), and is another reason for the name “Venty”. The Venty is the first vaporizer to tout its airflow rate, so I don’t know where other vapes rate on the scale. S&B claims the Venty’s airflow is double the Mighty+’s, and that feels right in a side-by-side comparison. Hits off the Mighty+ vaporizer feel tight compared to the Venty. I haven’t used any of my Mighty vapes since I got the Venty.

The airflow isn’t just wide open – it’s also adjustable! For those that like some restriction in their hits, the Venty vaporizer has an airflow dial just below the mouthpiece. You can adjust it to any flow rate between 0 and 20 liters per minute, and find your perfect fit. For me, that’s wide open at 20 lpm.

The Venty vaporizer cooling unit. The orange dial below the mouthpiece is the air flow dial. Here it is set to between two and three.Venty adapts to your style on the fly

Comfy, potent vapor with any style of hit – how did S&B do it? I have several other portable vapes that get the job done, but they require technique to reign in the power and hit perfectly at any speed. The Venty by Storz & Bickel uses some impressive tech to take the work out of every spectacular hit.

The Venty keeps your hit in the sweet spot so you don’t have to think about it. Increase your draw speed and the Venty will increase the power to keep the hit consistent with a slower hit at lower power. If you like pre-rolls or to roll-your-own, you may like more draw resistance – rotate the dial to the first or second setting. If you like fat bubbler rips, you’ll like the airflow wide open, so use setting three.

Draw speed is important and can change an entire session, so Storz & Bickel put a sensor in the Venty to monitor how fast you draw. It then adjusts the heat on the fly to match your draw speed. No other vape does this, and it’s amazing. It’s a feature I’ve talked with engineers about in vape production meetings, but it always seemed like a long way off. Not anymore – it’s here with the Venty!

Clean, cool vapor

The Venty’s cooling unit is the top piece of the vape that twists off to reveal the heating chamber. It isn’t just where the airflow dial is located. It also cleans and cools the vapor with more screens and a longer vapor path than other Storz & Bickel vapes do. It’s an ingenious solution to cool the vapor that other manufacturers should take note of.

The underside of the Venty cooling unit. Very similar to the Mighty+ and Crafty+, but they aren’t interchangeable. The mesh screen here keeps the herbs in the oven, but smaller bits can still get through.This is really cool. If you pull the mouthpiece out, it has a lip that fits the lock on the cooling unit so it’s easy to open up. Just give the lock a quarter-turn.Pull off the top and take a peak at all the thought that went into this. There’s an additional screen to filter those other little bits of herb out. Every one of those channels cools the vapor before it hits your lips!Oven is big – same as the Mighty+

The Venty vaporizer works best with any payload less than 0.25 grams, and the filling chamber, or oven, will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with other S&B portable vapes. The oven is the same shape and size as the Crafty+ and Mighty+ dry herb vapes, but has a different hole pattern in the bottom to allow for all that amazing airflow. The Venty is also compatible with the Storz & Bickel dosing capsules that work across all of their vapes.

You could probably get away with as much as 0.35 grams in the Venty oven, but you’d have to pack the herbs down, and you’d lose some taste and punch in your session. I prefer to fill it loosely with a load that measures somewhere between 0.15 and 0.25 grams. Then the Venty’s hybrid heating has all the airflow it needs to effortlessly push out that thick, tasty vapor.

A look into the Venty oven. The wide and shallow shape cooks herbs evenly. You can see all the holes in the bottom that allow for massive airflow. S&B dosing capsules fit.Dry herbs only

The Venty is designed for dry herbs only, and Storz & Bickel has doubled-down on that stance by eliminating the stainless steel mesh concentrate pad from its catalog. In the past, the mesh pad was included with their vapes and sold separately.

If you want to use concentrates with the Venty vaporizer , you’ll have to either chase down a mesh pad, or add them to a bowl full of herbs. Be careful if you go this route, and don’t use too much concentrate or it can drip through the bowl into the heater below and cause problems. The safest route is to only use dry herbs.

The Venty delivers, and is strong enough to satisfy without using concentrates!

Excellent battery life – a dozen bowls per charge

The Venty battery life is excellent and should get you through a dozen bowls or a couple days of use before you need to recharge it with a USB-C cable. Your mileage may vary, though, because battery life for a vape like this is hard to nail down.

The Venty doesn’t have a typical session timer (thank god!) that turns off after a set period of time. Instead, the Venty watches your session and turns off after you haven’t used it for a couple minutes. This is so much more convenient, as the Venty keeps going as long as I want, rather than rudely turning off when I might still be in my session.

At 390F on my test bench, the Venty battery died during my 14th session. I averaged about four minutes and seven long draws per session, for a total of 55 minutes of runtime and 97 hits per charge. The Venty battery meter was surprisingly accurate (a lot of vapes aren’t), and it didn’t skew towards being charged or drained. I got two to three sessions per bar, and when the meter read half full I had vaped through half of the sessions.

Charge it anywhere

You’re never far from a refresh with the Venty dry herb vaporizer’s USB-C charging. Charge times will vary depending on your equipment, but the wait can be reduced to as little as 45 minutes with the Super-charger. I use the Super-charger so much that I think it should be included with the vape, but USB-C quick-charging is hard on the battery. To really extend the life of your Venty’s battery, change a couple settings with the web app – more on that below.

The USB-C charge port is located on the bottom.Easy, intuitive controls

Storz & Bickel vapes have always set the standard for simplicity and ease of use, and the Venty vaporizer continues the charge, unless you’re colorblind (see below). It’s one of the few vapes that needs no explanation to someone who is new to the Venty but understands vaporizing. Turn it on, set the temperature anywhere from 104 °F – 410 °F (40 °C – 210 °C), and vape when it’s ready!

The Venty screen is orange during heat up…

The screen on the front is simple and only has three things to communicate – temperature, battery life, and the bluetooth indicator. The entire screen is orange when the Venty is heating up, green when it is ready to vape, and blue when you turn it off. The Venty vibrates when turned on and off, and when it reaches the set temperature.

…and green when ready.The screen turns blue when powered off and displays the battery level for several seconds.

The power button sits alone on the side and only needs a single press to turn on. (I’m tired of the 5-click schemes other makers use.) The “+” and “-” buttons on the front adjust the temperature, and toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit scales if pressed together.

The Venty makes it easy to temp-step during your sessions with pre-set booster temperatures. It ships with a sticker on the side that explains what a double-press of the power button does. Out of the box the Venty is set to 180 °C, or 356 °F (press the temperature buttons at the same time to change it to Fahrenheit). A double-press will start Boost mode and increase the temperature by 27 °F to 383 °F, and another double-press will Superboost it further to 410 °F. Ninety seconds later the Venty will retreat back to its default temperature of 356 °F. Best of all, if you don’t like these temperatures, you can tweak them with the web app. I love the Boost and Superboost temperature settings and use them all the time, but I wished the Venty stayed at those temps instead of dropping back down after 90 seconds. 

The Venty controls are simple and intuitive. The sticker on the side explains the not-so-obvious features.Web-enabled app for more control

The Storz & Bickel web app is nice but, for the most part, unnecessary. With it you can change about five settings and, if you do, you’ll probably just do it once and forget about it. I connected the Venty to my Windows PC via bluetooth and it worked flawlessly. You can also connect it to any smartphone with a bluetooth enabled web browser. I tried that out on my iPhone as well, without issue. Android S&B app users are out of luck – there are no plans to add Venty features to it, but the web app will work for them, too.

Here’s what you can do once you’re connected…

Adjust Boost and Superboost temperatures – The default boost temperatures are 27F each (because it’s made in Germany, and that’s 15C). But you can make these jumps bigger or smaller. I typically keep them at the default settings.

The main page after connecting to the web app. Do all your temperature tweaks here.

Switch vibration on/off – If you don’t like the vibration settings, turn it off.

Optimize battery life – There are two settings for this. One limits the charge level to 90%. The second slows the charge rate, even if you use the Supercharger. Some dry herb vaporizers have been known to lose up to 40% of their capacity after a year or so of use, and these settings can remedy that for your Venty. If you consider the Venty an investment, look into these settings that can prolong its life.

Adjust led brightness – A slider gives you full control of the display brightness from dim to bright, and everything in between.

The settings tab has some deeper customizations. If you don’t mind slower charge times, toggle the two middle options on to prolong the lifetime of the Venty’s battery.

You can also turn off the blinking C/F light when Boost and Superboost are enabled, reset to factory settings, check total runtime, update the firmware, and control all the on-board functions.

Quality feel with a medical build

I love how the Venty feels in my hand. Its industrial style communicates a seriousness that says it’s time to get busy. The Venty is a little taller than I’d like, but the weight feels just right – not too heavy, but also not so light that it feels cheap. The bottom half has a slight taper that fits the natural shape of my fist. Some people will be turned off by the plastic exterior, but that has no impact on the vapor production, and keeps the vaporizer cooler to the touch than a metal shell.

Storz & Bickel touts the Venty as a “medical quality” herb vaporizer, which caught my attention, because they manufacture the Mighty Medic, the only medically certified vaporizer I’m aware of. While the Venty isn’t medically certified, it leans heavily on S&B’s experience with them. It’s made in the same factory, by the same people, to the same standards. I reached out to S&B to see if they had plans for a medically certified version of the Venty, and they couldn’t confirm or deny it.

The Venty is one of the safest vaporizers you can buy. It’s built with high-quality materials that don’t degrade the vapor, and has a couple of electrical certifications (UL 8139), including one just for vaporizers (IEC 60335-1).

Twist off the top cooling unit to reveal the oven below.Big but pocketable

The Venty is a little taller and wider than the Mighty vaporizer, and when I first saw it I thought it was too large. But after using it for a couple months, it feels smaller than it looks. It’s considerably narrower than the Mighty and fits in pockets better. It won’t fit in any of your tight jeans pockets, but it was fine in the front pocket of my sweatpants or khaki shorts.

The Venty measures 6.18” (15.7cm) tall, 2.17” (5.5cm) wide, 1.46” (3.7cm) deep, and weighs just over half a pound (252g). Given the excellent battery life, I found it easy to grab the Venty and a small tube of dry herbs and feel ready for a weekend anywhere.

The Venty has a slight taper down the bottom half that perfectly fits the hand. Feels nice!


Easy to clean

This vaporizer is pretty easy to clean. The Venty cooling unit separates into two halves and wipes down with rubbing alcohol and some cotton swabs. Our Cleaning and Maintenance Guide is around the corner, but until then, make sure to empty out the bowl immediately after a session. If you set it down and forget, later you’ll find the dry herbs stuck in place and the screens get dirty a lot quicker. When you’re done, just dump it into the garbage, brush out the bowl, and brush off the..

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