Our Activities

GlobalVapeNews.com has several activities related to vaping. First of all we have our website where we offer visitors news, information and opinion articles. We also offer an extensive Knowledge Center with information on vaping, e-cigarettes and research. GlobalVapeNews is collecting refer links to scientific publications on journal sites.

Monitoring global vaping news

Globalvapenews.com monitors what’s going on in the world regarding to vaping and e-cigarettes. If there is important news to mention, we will publish a news article on our site.

Monitoring vaping junk science

We analyse several scientific publications on e-cigarettes and vaping and combat junk science by commenting the particular scientific paper on GVN or Twitter. Junk science on vaping and e-cigarettes works like a pandemic and must be eradicated because it will be used as a base for biased goverment regulations.

Monitoring mainstream media

We analyse several mainstream media articles and tv news shows regarding e-cigarettes and vaping in conjunction with policies and regulation. We act if the information provided doesn’t converge with the facts.

Monitoring social media

We analyse several published tweets on twitter and publications on facebook regarding to vaping and e-cigarettes and comment on them if the tweet doesn’t converge with the facts. We also place remarks when the tweet is obvious born out of ignorance.

Pro vaping campaign support

We support several pro vaping campaigns worldwide and promote these on twitter and our website.


We do not only publish news, but also several documents obtained from the vaping community. You can find them in our knowledge base

GVN Community

New on GlobalVapeNews is membership. You can apply for a Free membership. After the membership is granted you can communicate with other members, react on news articles, create your own blog, make friends join groups, and more. You can look at this as a small somewhat more primitive version of facebook. But nevertheless, very entertaining.

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