Objective E-cigarette Research

Research and scientific publications on vaping and e-cigarettes have inpact on many aspects within society. We can’t afford to rely on bad science because public health is on risk. Unbiased and flawless research on e-cigarettes will benefit all.

Vapers want to have confirmed that the e-cigarette will cause them less harm than tobacco cigarettes. If e-cigarettes appear to do more harm than tobacco cigarettes, than they will not use them, but, if e-cigarettes appear to have significant health benefits comparing to tobacco cigarettes they should be using them instead.

Because of that, e-cigarette users have the right to know everything about their e-cigarette and vaping and therefore no one is waiting on bad, biased, flawed, erroneous or even fraudulent research. Unfortunatly plenty of this junk science was discovered since the e-cigarette entered the global market.

Junk science appears when stakeholders in the field felt that they are threatened by a product which is a gamechanger. The e-cigarette is one of these gamechangers. It works in the field of public health, so it’s not quite difficult to understand who these stakeholders are.

Spreading misinformation has to stop

Misinformation on vaping is roaming the world. Junk science is at base of this misinformation mostly spread by anti vaping lobby organizations and mainstream media. This misinformation is mostly based on scaremongering with as a result that smokers won’t change to vaping, and that some vapers wil go back to smoking again. There is a concensus anno 2020, that vaping is far less harmful than smoking tobacco cigarettes. Also Public Health England stated in 2015 that e-cigarettes are 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes. So what is the purpose of all this misinformation?

Governments of several countries are making policies on this misinformation and as a result they have banned vaping of flavours. What harms public health the most? Government regulations based on junk science and biased judgements. It’s happening… today…

The world will miss a significant opportunity in improving public health. Governments will have to be accountable for their policies when in 20 years or so turns out that public health has not been improved, instead, has been reduced because of banning the big opportunity to let people quit smoking with a simple device as an e-cigarette.

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