Survey Reveals 70 Percent of Vapers Disagree With Government’s Ban on Disposable Vapes

New findings from one of the UK’s largest vaping suppliers, Vape Superstore, has revealed how vapers feel about the potential upcoming ban on disposable vapes. 

Conducted in February 2024, the survey asked 1,057 Vape Superstore customers a range of questions on the new Tobacco and Vapes Bill proposed by the UK government.

Some of the key measures of the bill include restrictions on the flavours and contents of vapes, the retail packaging and product requirements of vapes, the point of sale displays of vapes, as well as a complete ban on the sale of single-use vapes and the free distribution of vapes to under 18s for England and Wales.

When asked about the government’s ban on disposable vapes, 70 percent of vapers disagreed with the ban, whilst just 17 percent agreed.

81 precent of those who took part in the survey used disposable vapes as a means to quit smoking, whilst 19 percent used another method. Furthermore, 94 percent currently use disposables either as their go-to device or as a backup option.

When the disposable ban comes into place 25 percent said they will stock up on disposables beforehand, 14 percent will switch back to cigarettes, and 7 percent will look to the black market.

As well as targeting disposable vapes, the government is also cracking down on e-liquid flavours due to fears that they encourage youth vaping.

However, according to e-cigarette users in this survey, 70 percent said as an adult they should have the right to choose, 41 percent said having multiple flavour options played an important role in helping them quit smoking, 27 percent are worried they’ll switch back to smoking if flavour options are limited, and 9 percent said they would try to get their chosen flavours on the black market instead.

In light of the government claiming vapes are marketed towards children in terms of their branding, 74 percent of survey participants said the focus should be on stopping retailers from selling to children and not on branding, and 22 percent said vaping products should be promoted to smokers, not hidden, to encourage them to switch.

Commenting on the findings, David Phillips from Vape Superstore said: 

“At Vape Superstore we are committed to providing a range of high-quality vaping and nicotine replacement therapies that help smokers make the switch.

The recent survey of our customer base highlights the importance that variety plays in supporting vapers on their journey away from tobacco products.

It’s alarming to see that whilst 81% of vapers use disposables as a means to quit smoking, 14% will revert to smoking again and 7% will turn to the black market to continue using disposable vapes. With 1 in 4 stating they will stock-pile disposable vapes once the ban is actioned, it seems the ban will only create a larger problem, further emphasising how crucial it is to have a wide range of options available for people who wish to quit smoking.”

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