The Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Vape Brand in the UK

Successfully marketing a vape brand comes with its fair share of challenges, primarily due to the diverse set of laws that govern the promotion of e-cigarettes across different countries. Navigating through these regulations can be a complex task. This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge of key marketing channels and strategies that will help your brand thrive in the UK market.

1. Don’t rely on social media

The vape industry, like many others, heavily relies on social media for marketing. However, recently, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced a crackdown on e-cigarette promotions.

E-cigarette ads are banned in all online media that reach users who have not sought it out. This includes paid-for display ads and regular posts on social media that might get shared with users by an algorithm. Prohibited platforms include Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or any functionally similar platform. So, if you wish to promote your brand on social media, you will need to follow strict guidelines including privatising your accounts.

It’s important to note that having an online presence is not solely about being present everywhere, but rather having a presence where your target audience is. Even with a private account, a brand can still create a strong community with its audience.

However, it is important to remember that social media is not an owned channel. Despite having a significant number of followers, you do not have complete control over your page. This means that your account can be shut down, and your content can be taken down at any time, regardless of how popular it is. No vape company should solely rely on social media as their only marketing channel.

2. Build a community

It is essential to have multiple marketing channels that are under your control to reach out to your audience effectively.

This year, we are witnessing a growing trend of creating private spaces such as memberships, forums and newsletters to build a community. Creating a private space helps create a sense of community and allows people to collaborate, share reviews and recommendations, and for you to connect with your audience. However, it is important to be mindful of the guidelines for customer email marketing.

3. Leverage advertising opportunities

Advertising opportunities are limited for vape companies, so it’s important to leverage the available opportunities.

Industry trade publications and magazines are excluded from the advertising relations and an excellent way to increase brand awareness to a B2B audience.

Vapouround is the leading authority on vaping worldwide. As one of the most trusted brands in the vape media industry, the magazine’s endorsement holds great weight with businesses. With thousands of active readers, you can leverage the Vapouround audience to increase brand awareness for your business.

Other advertising avenues that are permitted are cinema, billboard and bus advertising.

4. Attend trade shows

Participating in industry trade shows is an effective marketing strategy for your vape business. It provides an opportunity for your brand to connect with potential customers.

In the UK, two of the biggest events for vape businesses are Meet the Buyer UK and The Vaper Expo UK.

Meet the Buyer is an annual event held in May, which provides an exclusive opportunity to connect with prominent buyers and retailers from all around the world.

Meanwhile, The Vaper Expo UK is the largest expo in the UK and is held twice a year in Birmingham (in May and October). This event is a great opportunity to promote and present your brand to a wider audience.

5. Send out product samples

If you’re seeking an effective way to convert new buyers and get your products noticed by top UK retailers and distributors, then you should consider the power of product sampling.

Vapouround Media offers a range of unique sampling opportunities to help you achieve your goals. This includes the distribution of samples with Vapouround Magazine or having your product samples sent directly to leading retailers and distributors.

6. Direct mail marketing

Based on a recent survey, direct mail marketing has been shown to have a higher return on investment compared to online display ads. This is good news for vape companies, as vaping is prohibited from using paid ads.

Direct mail marketing can be engaging, memorable and less competitive than other forms of marketing. With many businesses shifting their focus to digital marketing, direct mail provides a unique opportunity to differentiate yourself. You can use items like postcards and flyers to create personalized marketing that stands out to your audience.

7. Focus on SEO

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business, and SEO plays a vital role in achieving this.

To improve your website’s ranking and visibility, it is crucial to invest in building a strong content strategy, enhancing your website’s performance, and creating high-quality backlinks. SEO can deliver sustainable and effective results, enabling you to establish your brand and position yourself as a trustworthy authority in the vaping industry.

8. Get product reviews

Influencer marketing for vape products is not allowed. However, you are allowed to send your products to vape reviewers and bloggers to be tried and tested by professional vapers. The vape reviewers on YouTube have some of the biggest and most engaged communities of vapers. This is the perfect platform for in-depth reviews of your products and an opportunity to reach out to a wider audience.

Some of the most popular UK YouTube channels include:

FV Vape Show

Vaping with Vic

Vape Paul

9. Get media coverage

Editorial material is not subject to the advertising restrictions. This means that you can have your company featured in different publications and digital platforms using various methods.

Look for vape media outlets where you can pitch and distribute press releases or share new product releases.

If you have a press release you would like to get featured on, please send it to [email protected].

10. Enter industry awards

Awards can be a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy, as they can enhance the credibility of your business and product in the eyes of potential customers.

Winning an award is a clear indication of the quality of your business and sets you apart from competitors. More than just a physical symbol of achievement, an award can open doors to new opportunities for collaboration and advancement. By participating in industry awards, you can position your brand against competitors and gain valuable exposure and recognition.

In the UK, some of the most notable awards include The Vapouround Global Awards and The ECigclick Awards. If you are exhibiting at a trade show, be sure to check if they have any show awards that you can enter.

To maximise the benefits of winning an award, you should share it everywhere. Remember that an award is more than just a physical trophy; it can also help to establish your business as a leader in your industry and lead to further opportunities for growth and success.

Need more help with your vape marketing?

When it comes to marketing your vape brand, it’s clear that companies face limitations, but by ensuring that you promote your brand responsibly, following the suggestions above, and using a little creativity, companies can still find ways to reach their target audience.

If you need further help with your vape marketing, reach out to Vapouround Media.

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